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I swear to G, (-od, not -eorge), if that man said “we need to bring ‘em to justice!” one more time, I was going to have a car accident. Lucky me, my drive home time from downtown corresponded precisely with President Bush’s almost 50 minute press conference today. Joy.

Of course, what President Bush means is, we need to kill them. Why don’t you just say “kill” if that’s what you mean? You’re supposed to be king of the plain speakers. Just say it – you want to annhiliate by death.

This request isn’t a judgement call on whether the people you want to “bring to justice” should be dead. But stop mucking up bringing people to justice with your hotness for killing, would ya? No wonder people don’t like lawyers and law enforcement folks – they think we’re going to kill them.

Here’s a USAToday account of what was asked. Here’s an MSNBC video of the conference, for all those who want to subject themselves to it again.

You know, he actually wants people to believe that Al-Qaeda had a connection to Iraq? And he tells us we don’t know the world we live in.

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By Jill Miller Zimon at 12:18 pm May 24th, 2007 in Politics 


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