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It cannot be easy for women like Ohio House Minority Leader Joyce Beatty, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, State Auditor Mary Taylor, or former Ohio Senate Minority Leader Teresa Fedor to watch the Ohio Attorney General/Marc Dann hostile work environment situation unfold.

And what about State Senator Capri Cafaro, who was appointed by Dann to fill his state senate seat once he’d won the AG post?

But here we have the Dayton Daily News reporting that:

Franklin County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy, the Democratic candidate in one of the state’s most closely watched U.S. House races, has called for Democratic Attorney General Marc Dann to resign.

“Sexual harassment can’t be tolerated. As a mother of two daughters of about the same age as those in the press accounts, I am appalled that those in power would abuse their authority in such a shameful way. Marc Dann (pictured) should resign and he should do so quickly,” Kilroy said in a statement released Sunday, May 4.

“The actions of the Attorney General and several of his top officials have damaged the trust that people should have in their elected officials.

In service to the people of Ohio, Marc Dann should resign and allow a new Attorney General to take on the important duties of attorney general without the distraction of lawsuits, scandals, and further investigations.”

Kilroy is running for the U.S. House in the 15th District against Republican state Sen. Steve Stivers.

Ironically, I received an unsolicited e-mail from someone close to the Dann situation who suggested that what Columbus needs is a revolt against the old boys club. Mmmmble mmmble damn packing tape.

Hattip to Modern Esquire at Buckeye State Blog re: Kilroy’s statement.

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By Jill Miller Zimon at 10:51 pm May 4th, 2008 in Campaigning, Democrats, Elections, Gender, Government, Marc Dann, Ohio, Politics, Scandal, Statehouse, Women | 11 Comments 

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This is actually a little hard for me to write, because I support a boycott of the Beijing Olympics. But that’s for another post.

I want to recognize the achievement of the excellent Shaw High School (East Cleveland) band. More from Sandy Mitchell at Cleveland

The 60-member marching band at East Cleveland’s Shaw High School is heading for Beijing, China. They are one of just five US bands selected to perform at the pre-Olympics “International Marching Band Salute” in June.

That these kids have the opportunity, and the more than $300,000 needed for the trip, is a tribute to band director, Donshon Wilson, a Shaw graduate himself. The band practices two hours a day, year-round, and more than 90% carry at least a 3.0 grade point average.

You can watch the NBC news clip here. It’s going to make you tear up so grab a tissue box.

Here’s the Shaw Band to China website (I’m going there to make a donation – after you watch the clip and listen to them on the website, you’ll want to, too).

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By Jill Miller Zimon at 9:49 am May 4th, 2008 in Announcements, Cleveland+, Culture, Education, Foreign Affairs, Ohio, Youth | 7 Comments 

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Akron Beacon Journal: hedges; between the lines suggestion for Eric Fingerhut to become AG? (that was suggested to me last night)

Athens News: Predicts Dann will be gone by Friday

Chillicothe Gazette: should resign

Cincinnati Enquirer: Dann should go

Cincinnati Enquirer: Quotes some Republicans who want to consider leaving AG alone. Mmmmmble mmmmmble.

Columbus Dispatch: Dann is a liability

The Toledo Blade: replete with quotes from Ohio Democratic Party Chair Chris Redfern re: this is Marc Dann’s failings, implying that it’s no one elses. Mmmmmble mmmmmmble.

Youngstown Vindicator: “DANN IS TOAST” (uppercase in original)

Youngstown Vindicator: Dann deserves second chance

Zanesville Times Recorder: Call to resign

There were 774 results so I’ll leave it at this.

Monday, May 5:

Salem News: should resign

Mansfield News Journal:  should resign

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By Jill Miller Zimon at 9:03 am May 4th, 2008 in Culture, Democrats, Gender, Government, Law, Marc Dann, Media, Ohio, Politics, Scandal, Women | 2 Comments 

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From today’s Plain Dealer:

Dann has turned the attorney general’s office into a laughingstock.

He has embarrassed the good people who work there.

He has embarrassed the governor whose coattails he rode into office, and their party.

He has embarrassed his wife and children, who did nothing to deserve this.

He has embarrassed the people who voted for him and those who depend on him.

Through his dysfunction, he has given aid and comfort to those who would prey upon those Ohioans and their communities who need the state to stand up for them — and who had some reason to believe that under his stewardship, the attorney general’s office was doing just that.

In short, Marc Dann has disgraced himself far more than he seems to realize. He has fallen so far, so fast, that it’s impossible to see how he can recover, personally, politically or professionally.

That’s why he needs to go.

And not because, as the editorial continues, he did anything that is impeachable or illegal.  But a little something related to what I wrote yesterday:

The honor of the attorney general’s office and that of its 1,400 employees has been compromised by a handful of people who accompanied Dann to Columbus and composed his inner circle. He claims to have been unaware of what Gutierrez and Jennings were up to, even when they shared an apartment. He seems unable to fathom the message he sent to his agency by carrying on a not-terribly-secret affair with a young staffer. He seems to think that good intentions can offset a long string of serious errors and misjudgments.

Mmmmmmble mmmmmble mmmmmble damn packing tape.

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By Jill Miller Zimon at 8:49 am May 4th, 2008 in Culture, Democrats, Gender, Government, Law, Marc Dann, Ohio, Politics, Scandal, Social Issues, Women | Comments Off