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Still no stories about the prevalence (or rarity) of hostile work environments, EEOC sexual harassment track record, history of the sex discrimination protection or comparing and contrasting how Ohio government offices run re: discrimination complaints.

I can’t be the only one who wants to know: What is the track record? How often are EEOC cases filed and substantiated? Against whom? At what levels?

So we’ll continue to make it all about the Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann.

First up, personal blogs that represent regular Ohioans:

Blogging Ryan writes a very heartfelt post of frustration. I’m sure he isn’t alone.

Since the media is doing a pretty crappy job writing about sexual harassment in Ohio government workplaces over time or even currently, here’s where you can download a free one-sheet primer on the law and sexual harassment and here’s a piece from something called Sexual Harassment: Should you take it lying down? (because, you know, wouldn’t it be nice if the media helped us learn from what is going on in the AG’s office? grrrrr)

Jason Rowsey gives Ann Fisher a boost, rightly so, when she says,

Dann is not stupid. He’s arrogant, rude and unrepentant. I’ve previously characterized him as a petulant little troll and a blustering bully. He’s a dangerous man because he has no respect for anybody or anything other than himself. He believes that he is above the law. Stupidity is often forgiveable because stupid people often mean well but they screw up anyway. Dann doesn’t mean well. Stupid is what Marc Dann made of the people who voted for him.

And finally, an Ohio University junior English major writes, “Marc Dann needs to go, post-haste. He is an embarrassment to Ohioans everywhere, and the corruption, disregard for the law and just plain piggish behavior that has marked his reign needs to end.”

Around Ohio:
The Columbus Dispatch’s commentary from Benjamin Marrison has been cited by others for this curious inclusion, “Dann even went so far as to threaten to fabricate allegations that newspaper editors who would report the story were also having illicit affairs.”

WFMJ outlines the Ohio legislature’s timeline and indicates that later tomorrow morning the House will act and the Senate will follow on Wednesday:

21 News has learned that at nine o’clock Tuesday morning, the House Speaker is expected to introduce legislation that would turn the Dann Investigation over to the State Inspector General. The House is expected to meet at 11:30 Tuesday morning to approve the bill. The senate could approve it on Wednesday, and have it on the Governor’s desk by Thursday.

This commentary by Peter Bronson of the Cincinnati Enquirer is inappropriately mean-spirited, not to mention completely missing the point of why anything related to the Dann situation matters. He needs to read Ellen Bravo, as should every single individual who wants to say that the Dann situation is about sex. It is not about sex. Here’s what it’s about:

From Taking on The Big Boys, by Ellen Bravo

Following the well-known creed that the best defense is hardball offense, they [the Big Boys] rely on a variety of tactics to try to discredit us, shifting from one to the other with ease. One minute they dismiss us, the next they warn that the sky will fall if we get what we want. I came up with this shorthand to describe how the Big Boys operate.

Checkout these classic raps by talk-show hosts, commentators, and writers of high-minded editorials:

  • Minimize — What problem (”Women have it made.”)
  • Trivialize — That’s a problem? (”Feminism means ugly women will sue to get a man.”)
  • Patronize — You don’t understand the needs of business (”You think you can socially engineer behavior”)
  • Demonize — You’re the problem. (”Women shouldn’t have kids if they can’t afford to raise them.”)
  • Catastrophize — Your solution will cause greater problems for the very ones you want to help. (”These laws you want to pass will lead to discrimination against women. You’ll drive business out and cause people to lose their jobs.”)
  • Compartmentalize — If you get what you want it will hurt some other group. (”Why should non-parents bear the burden of mothers taking time off from work to deal with their kids?”).

More on that tomorrow from an exclusive and fascinating interview I did with Bravo today. A teaser from the former director of 9to5, a person well-known to Ohio and particularly the Cleveland area, who practically wrote the manual on sexual harassment and hostile work environments:

This is not too low a threshold [for defining an impeachable offense]: If you are the person in charge, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring a workplace free from discrimination of any kind. If you know and don’t intercede, you are derelict in your duty.

[Remember, according to several sources, including the Columbus Dispatch, "A state official may be removed for "any misconduct involving moral turpitude or for other cause provided by law," including "gross neglect of duty, gross immorality, drunkenness, misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance."]

Case law school gets an ordinary lawyer to replace Dann for commencement. Ho-hum. (I don’t know the guy, I’m sure he’s very nice.)

According to Channel 3, WKYC, an outside investigator was to be named today but I find no record of that happening.

Speaking of investigations, here’s the summary from the Espy report. In case people still can’t figure it out, there’s someone missing from being reprimanded or otherwise taken to task on behalf of the public interest. Who could it be? Could it be…Satan? I love how there’s a list called, “Employee Disciplinary Actions.” Looks like it excludes the top public employee at the AG’s office.

And last, the national scene is noticing too:

The nationally known The Carpetbagger Report says, “Ohio Dems want to pretend Marc Dann no longer exists. I don’t blame them.”

Julie Carr Smith of the AP wants to project an image of Democrat on Democrat fighting over how to handle Dann’s imbroligio but it doesn’t ring real at all to me.

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From Greek News:

Make no mistake about it. Jim Trakas has a great opportunity to win this race. In the March 4th primary election, Jim Trakas won the Republican primary by getting 79.31% of the vote! In comparison, Dennis Kucinich barely received 50% of the vote in the Democratic primary.

In a recent poll conducted in the 10th Congressional District, voters were asked the following question: Do you believe Dennis Kucinich deserves to be re-elected or is it time for someone else to represent you in Congress? Less than 50% said that Dennis Kucinich deserves to be re-elected.

Independent polls as well as internal polls by Trakas’s campaign team show that the citizens of the 10th Congressional district are ready for and are seeking change. Polls show that voters “are frustrated with Congressman Kucinich’s reckless stances on our country’s economic and national security policy.”

The endorsement then details biographical and work history information related to Trakas’ career, including:

As you would expect, Jim Trakas is solid on issues of special concern to Greek Americans, i.e.: Cyprus, the Aegean, FYROM, the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Halki Theological School and Albania. But he is also a man of action. While in the Ohio State Legislature, he sponsored the Ohio House of Representatives Resolution asking the U.S. government not to recognize the Skopje regime with the word Macedonia in its name. That resolution passed in the Ohio Legislature. He sponsored many other measures including a resolution urging easing of passport restrictions for travelers to and from NATO countries, and one urging NATO inclusion for the former Warsaw Pact and Captive Nations after the fall of the Soviet Union.

It concludes with a suggestion for how to help:

The best way the community can help Jim Trakas is to make sure he has sufficient funds to run a winning campaign. He is part of the new generation of Greek American political leaders like Gus Bilirakis, Zack Space and John Sarbanes.

An immediate financial contribution of $2,300, $1,000, $500, $250 or the most you can give will be the money Jim needs in the next six months to election day on November 4, 2008. The maximum contribution for an individual is $2,300 for the primary election which was held on March 4, 2008, and another $2,300 for the general election on November 4, 2008. Fortunately, I’m in a position to give the maximum, which I have done.

Contribution checks should be made to the order of Trakas for Congress and mailed to: 1500 West 3rd Street, Suite 120, Cleveland, OH 44113. For on-line contributions go to

Please don’t miss this opportunity to help. Jim has a great shot at winning this seat. Let’s make sure that this new generation of Greek American leader has the funds to do so.

According to the article, two out of the three Greek-Americans who are new to running for congress are in Ohio.

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At the end of April, the National Association of Black Journalists announced that, among several award winners, Margaret Bernstein of the Plain Dealer had won their Community Service Award. (check out the new way to find PD people – well, new to me)

I cannot imagine a more worthy choice than this writing mentor and friend.

Congratulations, Margaret.  And thanks for letting me tag along behind you. ;)

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By Jill Miller Zimon at 7:28 pm May 12th, 2008 in Announcements, Cleveland+, Media, Social Issues, Women, Writing | 3 Comments 

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your fifth grader asks you if you were alive during the Great Depression.

Unless she’s talking about the early years of marriage?

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By Jill Miller Zimon at 6:48 pm May 12th, 2008 in Politics | 7 Comments 

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This so doesn’t need any editorializing from me. I’ll just let you check it out for yourself and let you know that I cannot find a single mention in the media or the blogs for that matter about this event except for this tiny blurb.

Here’s the truly beautiful and elaborate 24 page pdf of the Two Days in May: The Attorney General’s 2008 Conference on Victim Assistance, today and tomorrow in Akron. It’s on the AG’s calendar here.

And here’s the listing from the National Calendar of Crime Victim Assistance-Related Events. If anyone attends, I hope you’ll share with us what exactly the Ohio AG can add to this topic right now.

Update: There are many excellent sessions being offered which absolute advance victim assistance knowledge and efforts. But here are two in particular that caught my eye:

15. Lobbying 101 and Legislative Forecast

Marc Dann, Ohio Attorney General, Greg Beswick, Legislative Director, Ohio Attorney General’s Office, Bret Vinocur, Finding Missing Kids, Inc., Mike Weinman, Columbus Division of Police

For advocates who are interested in changing society through legislation, this workshop will assist in preparing participants to relate to public officials and get their message heard. In addition, the workshop will offer an overview of future and current legislation as it relates to victims of crime and their advocates.

47. An overview of sex offenders and their offenses
David Berenson, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

This workshop will, initially explore the phenomenon of sexual assault within the broad context of the global and societal subjugation of women and children. There will be a discussion of multiple manifestations of sexual assault leading to a more focused presentation on issues regarding sex offenders as defined by criminal law. Issues regarding sex offenders’ risk to re-offend and different types of sex offenders will be addressed, providing descriptive information on the mindsets and thinking processes of higher risk sex offenders.

Oh, and one last thing. On page 8 of the pdf, the brochure suggests that you register online by visiting the AG’s website, with the tagline, “Fast, easy and so convenient you can do it from your couch” printed underneath a large photo of a woman, smiling and in comfy clothes sitting, well, you know, on her couch with her laptop open.

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Diane Rehm had a powerhouse show this morning related to social networking – I only caught about 20-25 minutes of it. You can listen here when the audio goes up today.

Facebook and Linked-in are two of the most popular on-line social networks, but there are now millions of others catering to all ages and a myriad of interests. A look at the growing appeal of on-line social networks and their value to members in the profit and not-for-profit worlds


Gina Bianchini, co-founder, Ning [which I use for WAM!]

Andy Carvin, senior product manager, NPR Community, NPR Digital Media [whose Twitter I follow - and he writes back! :)]

Josh Bernoff, vp, principal analyst, Forrester Research [which WLST has linked to before]

Manuel Hernandez, president,Diabetes Hand Foundation

Amy Worley, Director of Digital Marketing, H&R Block, Digital Tax Solutions

And as I’ve written, social networking isn’t just for kids anymore.

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