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Much has been made about the secrecy involved regarding Barack Obama and his process for looking into vice president choices. From Thursday’s New York Times:

With the Democratic National Convention only three months away, Senator Barack Obama has asked a tight circle of advisers to begin conducting a confidential search for prospective running mates.

Mr. Obama, who intends to wait until the final primaries end on June 3 before declaring victory in the presidential nominating fight with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, has sworn his advisers to secrecy. The search is in its earliest phases, officials said, and Mr. Obama has asked Jim Johnson, a longtime Democratic hand, to lead the process.

But just about twenty minutes ago, at 1:00pm, on an NPR hourly news update, as I listened to the news item about John McCain’s effort to select a running mate, all I could think about was how it sounded like a pitch for the next season of the reality show, The Bachelor.  I don’t know if you’ll be able to find the audio later but as I heard it, they’re describing it as a completely social occasion with hiking and fishing.  Florida and Louisiana governors will be there as well as Mitt Romney.

Unbeknownst to me until I went to find the news item at NPR, I located this clip from today, Who in the GOP gets the VP rose? by political strategist Mindy Finn who “was the Director of eStrategy for the Romney for President campaign from March 2007 through February 2008.”

So there you go – John McCain as The Bachelor. Is it us, or is it the media?

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By Jill Miller Zimon at 2:34 pm May 24th, 2008 in Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Politics, Vice President, WH2008 | Comments Off 

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I’ve received many e-mails asking me things like, “What is it with the Jews and [fill in the blank]?”

I wish I had a good answer, but I don’t. However, a regular WLST reader who is going to remain unnamed, sent me this and I said that I would post it as a guest post (with the slightest of editing):

I read this article in the NY Times and of course there is really no homogeneous “Jewish vote”.  I think the concerns are based on the many falsehoods that opposition people have been fostering such as his being an Arab.  Some of the resistance of those older voters is based on racism as it is with many older and less educated whites and they are using other reasons so as to not sound racist.  I cannot imagine any Democrat voting for McCain who is aware that this would only mean 4 more years of this hideous administration and the further deterioration of the country.  Although we both prefer Obama, I would have gladly voted for Clinton too.  The main objection I have to her is Bill.

I do not know how many people share my feelings, but I hold Bill almost completely responsible for the close vote in the Gore election that allowed Bush to steal that election.  His  evidence of such poor character in his sexual adventures in the White House was what led to the fundamentalist Christians to get organized to put “dignity” back in the White House, as though Bush and Cheney might do that!  Without that incentive I do not believe the Republicans would have come close enough to get away with what they did in Florida and subsequently have the Supreme Court appoint Bush president.  I do not question her decision to stay with him but I also do not think that I want him as co-president or even co-vice president for that matter.  He is used to being the big dog and I do not think he will take a lesser position very seriously.

Thank you, Guest Poster.  The views of the Guest Post belong to those of the author and publishing them here should in no way be interpreted as an endorsement of the views espoused. They are offered here as a way to foster more ideas and discourse.

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By Jill Miller Zimon at 10:25 am May 24th, 2008 in Barack Obama, Democrats, Gender, George Bush, Government, Hillary Clinton, Jewish, John McCain, Media, Politics, WH2008 | Comments Off 

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UPDATE: Finally! Someone realized that I’m a Republican blogger. I’m sure that will completely floor Tom Blumer of Bizzy Blog and Dave at Nixguy.  Not to mention the PD.  From Securing America:

please spread the word about how obama people will try to convert hillary voters (coming from some republican blogger) i know twisted

Original post:

Joyce, who left a comment in my first post about the Hillary Clinton Forum, reported back to the Forum on what she found at WLST. Here’s her report:

“All of your comments above by the way are listed on her website. I think she thinks that our outrage here is just “so cute”. I told her she should have more respect for her elders and should realize we weren’t that easily manipulated. By all means, go check out her assessment of the bloggers here. It leaves a lot to be desired.”

That led a fellow forum member to say that they can’t find the comments, probably because “all of your comments” are not listed here. Nor will they find an assessment of the bloggers in the forum – I didn’t do any. I let their words speak for themselves.

As for the “so cute” – not sure why she thinks I think that, but okay.

Here are a few more opinions they have of WLST:

Whoever wrote this isn’t even skilled at negotiation. They have probably pulled it out of a Scientologist manifesto… something we are also familiar with in Florida.

Joyce says she replied to me but there’s no comment that I’ve seen in my regular or spam folder so here it is as she published it on her site:

OK, I will bite. I have no idea who Ellen is, don’t really care too. And I really could care less why she will vote for Obama. I won’t. And I won’t be manipulated by somebody’s marketing ploy to use my kids, grandkids, or any other reason into voting for a man who has no platform, no record, no policies of his own that weren’t “borrowed” to put it politely by Obama’s crowd from Hillary, no foreign policy skills or knowledge, or any of the other 1 million and one reasons why the man is unfit to be the President of the United States.

I’m surprised that she does not know of Ellen Bravo’s work. But, okay.

There sure is a lot of drivel out there on that site and others. Can anyone over there exercise some critical thinking?

Now I’m sure that several Ohio bloggy Obama supporters who’ve spewed at me because they think I support Clinton will just love this one:

That list of guidelines to help “lure” Clinton supporters reads like some kind of script for those trying to con people into joining a cult!

Again, the assertion that I can’t possibly be a woman:

First this was not written by a woman. A woman would not write the following terms about another woman as follows: rants, screwed used several times, 50 year and older female and finally sisters are going to do it themselves. Sorry BO we don’t talk that way.

George, John, Wendy, Eric, Anthony, Jeff – I am so sorry – I have fooled you all this time. I am not a woman.

Now, this comment has a fascinating suggestion: have Geraldine Ferrarro read my work on the air:

I wasn’t outraged by this blogger’s post. My gut reaction was to feel embarrassed for the person who wrote it. if this is one of Obama’s paid bloggers the campaign’s got an embarrassment on its hands because what this person has done is counter-productive to achieving the unity the Dems have been counting on.

it’s a GREAT idea to put it out into the media. also, what about forwarding a copy to Geraldine Ferraro? she’s been doing a lot of media–maybe she’ll read it on the air. it’s certainly shallow, insipid, and condescending enough that people will instantly connect with why Clinton supporters are ready to split from the party if Obama is the nominee.

And there you have it. Hillary Clinton supporters at the Hillary Clinton Forum.

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By Jill Miller Zimon at 10:15 am May 24th, 2008 in Barack Obama, Blogging, Gender, Hillary Clinton, Media, Politics, Voting, WCPN/SOI, Women | 21 Comments 

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First time: 2/26/07

Second time: 5/04/07

Third time: 5/23/08

Hillary Clinton doesn’t get a pass for saying out loud what others are thinking. It’s not her place. Certainly not out loud.

But does anyone really think that Barack Obama’s campaign can’t be, shouldn’t be or isn’t thinking about such fears?

UPDATE: Mark Daniels, who is familiar to many Ohio bloggers and blog readers, is a co-blogger with me at The Moderate Voice and wrote this post about Clinton’s statement.

Here’s an excerpt but read the whole thing:

I, for one, don’t believe that Clinton meant to draw an analogy between Senator Barrack Obama and Bobby Kennedy, insinuating that because the Illinois senator evokes the same sort of passion as Kennedy, he may be an assassin’s target, thereby presumably giving the New York senator reason for staying in the race for this year’s Democratic nomination. There was nothing to be gained by Clinton in making such a connection, especially among Democratic superdelegates, many of whom venerate Kennedy and his older brother, President John F. Kennedy, and, like most Americans, have just been saddened by the news that Senator Edward Kennedy is suffering from cancer. Clinton, in spite of what her many opponents may say, is not evil incarnate. She’s not stupid either.

But comparing, June, 1968 to June, 2008, is not so much comparing apples to oranges as it is apples to King Kong.

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By Jill Miller Zimon at 8:37 am May 24th, 2008 in Barack Obama, Democrats, Hillary Clinton, Politics, Race, WH2008 | 28 Comments