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About Jill

FromPascale - Version 2Jill Miller Zimon is a candidate for the Ohio House of Representatives, House District 12. She’s currently a Member of Council in Pepper Pike, a political journalist and civic engagement strategist. Previously, she directed the Civic Commons EfficientGovNetwork project and served as the Commons’ Director of Partnerships. She has been a freelance writer since 2002 and a blogger since 2005. New Media Strategies awarded Jill its first Campaign Innovator Award for Candidates last November for leading a campaign that used technology in an open, interactive way to inform and engage voters. Some of the outlets that have featured Zimon or her work include, Campaigns & Elections, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Plain Dealer, CNN, CSPAN, the BBC, Ohio News Network, WCPN and Feagler & Friends.  She speaks regularly on the intersection of women, politics and journalism.

Zimon has a joint degree in law and social work from Case Western Reserve University and a double degree in government and sociology from Georgetown University. Prior to her writing career, she spent eight years at Bellefaire JCB, five years with a project funded by the Bruening Foundation that trained pediatric health care professionals in domestic violence intervention and was Of Counsel to a Cleveland domestic relations law firm.

Zimon has been a resident of Northeastern Ohio for 24 years. She lives in Pepper Pike with her husband who is also an attorney and their three teenage children.