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From NPR yesterday:

A blogger wrote to Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Connie Schultz to say he was doing an “expose” on “journalists in the elite media who socialize with elected officials they are assigned to cover.” A photo showed Schultz hugging Sen. Sherrod Brown. Schultz replied, “I am surprised you did not find a photo of me kissing” the senator — adding, he’s my husband.

More on Connie’s Facebook (yes, FB – for those who haven’t heard about or experienced how she’s embraced social networking).  Other coverage: Washington Post, Slate, There are many others – even the Plain Dealer and U.S. News and World Report.

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Stories don’t get any better than this one, Susie Porter, who once ran the Town Fryer restaurant, is heading off to college — at the age of 54, and the fact that I actually have a teeny connection to it (Bloggapalooza 2006) – enough that I cried three times reading the story and again while leaving a comment for Susie on her blog, Tips for Going Back to School For Adults and Non-traditional Students – makes it even more fabulous.

Please read that whole article, visit Susie’s blog, spread this information and thank her for her chutzpah, stamina and contributions. All before she’s even set foot on that college campus.

Supporting actor awards to Tri-C and Cornell’s admissions office, from what it sounds like, not to mention many others I’m sure Susie feels helped her along the way.

Just imagine what Susie may be doing after she graduates!


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Last night, I live-tweeted for about three to four hours as the New Hampshire primary returns came in. You can go to and search on #blogher #nhprimary or just my handle, @jillmz.  You can also read this nice wrap-up post of coverage at BlogHer and I’ll be writing my wrap-up of the primary and a look at South Carolina later this morning.

We’re in full political junkie mode.

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I do a lot of micro-blogging these days – posting tweets (@jillmz) and sharing links to articles and other information via Facebook.  Although I love this blog and blogging, I’m finding it nearly impossible to make the time it takes to post the way I like to, for purposes of a blog.

Enter Writes Like She Tumbles: In the right sidebar, you can see a widget that links to the Writes Like She Talks Tumblr account (which you can visit here if you don’t click on the widget hyperlinks).  In addition, I’ve created a page on this blog (see here; it’s also reachable from the link in the top of this blog) that displays a list of my Tumblr’d items. (That page does not appear to work on the iPad right now.)

I’ve included a Disqus mechanisim for leaving comments at Writes Like She Talks at Tumblr so that conversation about the linked items can continue to occur.

I’ve explored some WordPress themes that include post format code to allow Tumblr-like posting from within the WordPress blog, but so far, none of them really look anything like what I would want. And…I’ve really run out of time trying to find something.

So – for those who miss the days when I used to post 5-10 entries, keep an eye on, follow and strike up a conversation at the Tumblr account. Or not.

And if you’re a Tumblr with advice, leave it in the comments or email me.

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I can’t say I blame them, but I also have to say that they’ve turned me toward local blogs I’ve never heard of before. Many thanks to Fresh Water Cleveland, whose managing editor is Douglas Trattner, known to locals and regionals from his many years of writing about NE Ohio.

I only came to know of Fresh Water because I saw their URL in my site traffic information, so I tracked back to it and tabbed it as something to look at this week (this crazy busy week).  Then, before I could do that, I saw it in my traffic again today – but this post, “they heart cle: a city’s biggest fans are often the bloggers,” was why! I’m really pleased to be mentioned, and I’m more pleased to read about area blogs I didn’t know about. And I also love that it is a positive look at how blogs enrich our region. Thank you, very much.

Here’s the review of WLST (after the jump): Read more

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And WLST is hanging in – thank you to everyone who has been voting daily. You have through midday Monday to keep doing so. It’s EASY – just go here and click on the thumbs up.  And, as always, thank you.

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I’ve been featured before, and left off before, and while I can be a great competitor, I do try to stay grounded away from listmania – but it is nice, now and then, to learn and have it reaffirmed that I’m not just writing for myself (though I do wish I was writing even more for myself these days!).

Writes Like She Talks has been added to the Circle of Moms effort to name the Top 25 Political Mom Blogs. You can check out the list here and you can vote for WLST here, once a day, each day, through June 13 if that’s your wish.

Many of my favorites are already on the list but what I really love is that after blogging for nearly seven years, I’m finding new blogs about politics that are written by women.

Now if I could just convert some of them to candidates and political office holders.

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Best Blog Comment EVAH

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From this The Moderate Voice thread:

Dear Jill,
Please write only posts that I say are ok for you to write. I am personally incapable of ignoring a post which I do not find informative; you must fix that.

It was written to me in sarcasm – and totally in context – and in support. Very appreciated!

By Jill Miller Zimon at 5:59 pm November 6th, 2010 in Blogging, TMV | Comments Off 

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Fascinating. Maybe they should talk to me about women who blog and…running for office.

From the first day of the report (it’s released over three days):

Another important trend is the influence of women and mom bloggers on the blogosphere, mainstream media, and brands. Their impact is perhaps felt most strongly by brands, as the women and mom blogger segment is the most likely of all to blog about brands. In addition to the conducting our blogger survey, we interviewed 15 of the most influential women in social media and the blogosphere.

These changes are occurring in the context of great optimism about the medium: over half of respondents plan on blogging more frequently in the future, and 43% plan on expanding the topics that they blog about. Bloggers who get revenue from blogging are generally blogging more this year than they were last year. And 48% of all bloggers believe that more people will be getting their news and entertainment from blogs in the next five years than from the traditional media. We’ve also asked consumers about their trust and attitudes toward blogs and other media: 40% agree with bloggers’ views, and their trust in mainstream media is dropping.

Apparently Ohio does not have a particularly high concentration of bloggers (less than 3% from what I can tell).  Sprinkled throughout this year’s report are the interviews. Day 1 has three or four mom bloggers profiled.  Here’s what’s up next for tomorrow (my emphasis below): Read more

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Last night was pretty epic, and you know I’m not talking about the number of cookies, chips and cups of coffee I consumed while channel surfing in a room full of NE Ohio political bloggers (all who lean left, while our state went right!).

Where to begin the recap? This post at BlogHer where I provide a variety of links related to monitoring and looking back at races, including one of my favorite tools, the Washington Post’s Palin Endorsement Tracker.


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I just couldn’t keep it to myself again.  I’m an information evangelist. No one should have as much fun as I have doing this.

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You can read more about each of the races mentioned at the post:

Governor’s races in Florida (Alex Sink-D), New Mexico (woman v. woman – Susana Martinez (R) v. Diane Denish (D)) and Oklahoma (also woman v. woman – Jari Askins (D) v. Mary “I’m great because I have children and you don’t” Fallin (D))

House races in Arizona (Gabrielle Giffords (D)), Florida (woman v. woman, Sandy Adams (R) vs. Suzanne Kosmas (D)), Kansas (Stephene Moore (D)), South Dakota (also woman v. woman, Kristi Noem (R) vs. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D))

2. Women and Politics (aka Women’s Campaign Forum)

Watch for articles on:

-how elevation of John Boehner to majority leader, if it should happen, would alter how the Congressional agenda embraces issues important to women and families

-what’s next after today for women in politics

-a pep talk to those women who do not win today

3. Live-blog at RH Reality Check starting tonight around 7:30pm.

4. Live-blog at Ohio Daily Blog

And here, at WLST, sometime later today, I’ll be posting a sequel to the Top 10 Things I Learned Running For Pepper Pike City Council with a post on the Top 10 Things I’ve Learned in 12 Months Since I Ran For & Won Office

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Print This Post Print This Post has a history of political figures interacting with its membership. Carly Fiorina answered questions in a phone interview, and Kirsten Gillibrand met with BlogHers in person in New York City this summer (I was one of about 15 or so who was there). Now, the four candidates will answer questions collected at, via Twitter and Facebook. If you are in Missouri or any of the congressional districts involved, please consider taking advantage of this opportunity. My experience has been that they do not duck when they know that a network of literally 10 million women globally are paying attention:

* Robin Carnahan, Candidate for U.S. Senate, Missouri
* Suzan DelBene, Candidate for U.S. House, Washington, District 8
* Stephene Moore, Candidate for U.S. House, Kansas, District 3
* Dina Titus, Candidate for U.S. House, Nevada, District 3

You can go here to ask your questions.

By Jill Miller Zimon at 1:06 pm October 28th, 2010 in Blogging, BlogHer, democracy, Elections, social media, Voting, Women | Comments Off 

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Never again will you have to sit in silence should you hear anyone say that they just couldn’t find a woman to ask or write or blog or do commentary about something in politics.  Enjoy!

1. 2010 Must-Read Political Blogs by Women (nonpartisan list out this month)

2. 30 Political Mom Bloggers Who Will Change Your Vote (nonpartisan list out his month, limited to moms)

3. #43-58 of 100 Conservative Blogs (partisan list from September 2010)

4. Top 20 Political Bloggers (nonpartisan list, limited to moms, 2010)

5. The Political Voices of Women – Over 500 Women Political Bloggers (nonpartisan list, not limited to moms, began in 2008 but updated continuously)

6. 101 Women Bloggers to Watch in 2010 (nonpartisan list, not limited to moms, January 2010)

7. Top 50 Influential African American Political Blogs (includes some authored by women)

8. For local women’s political blogging, check out this November 2009 list of progressives in Texas

9. BlogHer Women Political Blogger search toolbar (a great widget created in 2008 and still going)

10. Bonus link from Morra Aarons at techPresident, when, in 2007, she gazed into the future with, “Women Online: Facts, Figures, and the 2008 Election.

Got more to list? Please do! Add them in the comments and we’ll update this post. Especially of interest: state lists because we love to get the local flavor of what is happening on the ground.

Cross-posted from Woman and Politics.

By Jill Miller Zimon at 9:16 pm October 26th, 2010 in Blogging, Gender, Media, Politics, Resources, social media, Women, Writing | 2 Comments 

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The short version: Go to the current Matter of Opinion topic, take the survey and start helping to create a community response to the question, a response that it’s hoped will develop into conversation, debate and a more accurate idea of how people feel about a subject or incident, and show us where we can – and can’t – draw lines on many explicitly and implicitly political topics (and really, what isn’t political?).

The topic right now, so Ohio: Nazi Reenactment: Learning From Mistakes or Reliving Them?

The slightly less short version: Read the About Us page.

The slightly longer than the less short version: Read the FAQ page.

How’d I get involved in this? I don’t know! How did I end up becoming a city council member in Pepper Pike? Let’s just say that the folks behind this fascinating platform are as good at teh Google as I am and flattered me by making me think that this blog has a following (and yes, I tried to tell them, no one reads blogs anymore – but they don’t believe me).

*Wide Open, may it rest in peace, can be found here. It was a Plain Dealer political blog in which two left of center and two right of center Ohio bloggers went at it.  Still kinda titillating to read – but also tortuous at times.

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I’m blogging my fingerprints off for the Women’s Campaign Forum at its Women and Politics blog through Election Day. It’s the only source for daily round ups and longer blog posts about women running at every level across the country.

The subject line tease here is for my post, A Vision in Pork: Illustrator Gives Patty Murray the Lady Gaga Meatsuit Treatment (with images of course) that I wrote about how a weekly Seattle paper wrapped U.S. Senator Patty Murray in a pork bikini.  Is it just gross, sexist or both?  Who knew Lady Gaga’s meat dress would be what all the politicians are having for Halloween this year.

By Jill Miller Zimon at 9:20 am October 19th, 2010 in Announcements, Blogging, Campaigning, Elections, Gender, Politics, Sexism, Voting, Women | 1 Comment 

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Earlier today I was asked to write a 300 word oped on Ohio, our voters, our economy and what the heck do we want done with it all as part of the New York Times’ Room For Debate platform. You can see my thoughts next to those of five others here. The others include John Green, from the Bliss Institute, who I love, and Karen Beckwith, from CWRU’s political science department, who I also think is great.  I’m not familiar with the other three writers, Roy Cooklis of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Andrew Cayton, a professor of History at Miami University of Ohio and Michael Curtin, of the Columbus Dispatch, except by name.  Check out their opeds and tell us what you would have said – or think of what we said.

Question for everyone: What do you think about the Room For Debate format? Interesting, I think. Reminds me a bit of the Plain Dealer’s Wide Open experiment, but a lot more refined.

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Last night I blogged about how I’d asked the well-known conservative talk radio personality who said, “liberal feminism is fake, it’s a shtick used by older women who are irrelevant in today’s politics.” to please let me know if that statement, found in a blog post at the EMILY’s List blog (which I got to only because my friend and fellow pundit, Joanne Bamberger, had, from her Facebook page, linked to a different post on the same blog and I wandered over to the other EL posts about the Smart Girl Summit), was accurate.  We know each other from having overlapping tenure as Contributing Editors at (I still write for them, she does not – as far as I know).

I’ll spare everyone the silliness of the she said-she said stuff (but I strongly recommend this excellent take by Joanne Bamberger in her post, “The New Political Mean Girls”); those of us who are familiar with this person have come to expect exactly how she over-reacted, rather than just answering the question.  This post is about some conservatives phobia for being real or, in their version of what they consider to be being real, are incapable of going beyond talking points and derision. Why on earth would a person with literally thousands if not tens of thousands of public followers and maybe many times more private admirers unfriend someone like me, whom she has already attempted to argue and assert is, in her opinion, politically irrelevant? Read more

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This program is very interesting and if it works, that will be great. I went through genetic testing (don’t have the gene) for breast cancer 11 years ago but that was in part to determine if I should enter a clinical trial being done locally and in regard to breast cancer prevention tactics.  I read everything that comes my way and get regular exams but I do have a higher risk than most women due to family history and age when I had my first child (31).  So I would definitely like to stay up on and participate in research, especially if it’s simple.

According to Susan Niebur, it is – here are her suggestions for how to get involved (I’m both blogging about the Army and I joined it):

Of course you don’t have to have a blog to join, it’s just an added way of reaching out to more potential participants.  Research. It does a body good – and hopefully can help better prevent and treat breast cancer.

By Jill Miller Zimon at 8:28 am October 1st, 2010 in activism, Blogging, Health Care | 1 Comment 

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Okay – so – you know – I don’t want to whine. I don’t want to claw. I don’t want to – oh hell, you know what? I’m pissy. I’m just very very pissy because Politico, which I really do read and really do get news from, really did have a reporter write a story about political bloggers who run for office – see, here it is – More Bloggers Throw Hat in the Ring.  And he really did get to me by THREE different routes: Alan Rosenblatt emailed me to include me in on a conversation when he first got contacted, then the reporter contacted me directly and then BlogHer got a shout out from the reporter and they asked me if I would like to speak with him (by which time I’d already set up a phone call with the writer).

And we talked for over an hour. And I told him to check with Technorati, which it didn’t sound like he was going to do or hadn’t thought of yet, because that would put into metrics and context just how many political bloggers there even are, let alone those that run for office that are we can find/trace/hear about (given how hyper-local both blogging and running for office can be).

Then at this little gathering of 2400 bloggers, called BlogHer10, you know, I do this thing called an Inspirational Call to Action speech for 50-60 female bloggers who are interested in running for office or helping others run for office or advancing their causes through the political process and you know, I feel, like Denise encourages us to, kinda powerful – like I’m going to make a difference, just from my blogging – and, you know, running for office, all by my lonesome (with some serious BlogHer mojo behind me of course).

Then I follow up and get a nice note that the article will post this week and I’m not going to be in it but my info was very helpful (of course it was – why else do you stay on the phone with me for an hour?).

And then I read it. And you know what? My heart sank – it sank. Because it mentions my city – but not me.

Pepper Pike is 11 characters or spaces. Jill Miller Zimon is 17 characters or spaces.  The reporter says it was a space issue.

You can read the rest at the original post at BlogHer.

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