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Yesterday was my birthday. It was also the day I officially announced my candidacy for State Representative in House District 12.

WLST is not my campaign site or blog – you can see all that at But feel free to save the date for my kick off event which will be September 30th at 5 p.m. Please subscribe for the campaign’s email news for details on that event and more.

It’s not hard for me to pledge to work tirelessly and continuously for support and trust because it really is what I do and I’m grateful to everyone who has supported me while I do that on behalf of public service. I believe in public service, I believe in government and I do not believe it should take a second seat to the expectations we have for any other sector or system.

Training programs like the excellent Camp Wellstone have me brainwashed that I must follow my campaign manager’s orders so I have to include this message – which really will be one of very few if any additional ones directly related to the campaign that will ever appear on WLST. So – now, from my campaign manager:

Instead of emailing Jill to send birthday greetings or congrats on the campaign, please consider doing one (or all) of these things:

1. Share Jill’s announcement on your Facebook & Twitter.

2. Donate to Jill’s campaign

3. Learn More about Jill:

4. Sign up to receive news from Jill’s campaign at

5. Follow her on Twitter: @jillmillerzimon

Thank you!


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The video’s up for the most recent Feagler & Friends appearance:

I swish my hair too much, but I also never get seated in the last spot – see, Michael Heaton’s hair doesn’t have to swish at all – well, you know, Michael – the hair that’s there? :)

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Well, when it came to talking Browns. Sort of. You’ll see. Here’s the blurb:

Guest Analyst:  Kevin T. Jacques, Boynton D. Murch Chair in Finance at Baldwin Wallace University—Congress and the President managed to avoid the ‘fiscal cliff’ but the tax bill for most working Americans is going up.  A deal that raises marginal tax rates on the highest wage earners also allows a payroll tax break to expire, affecting wage earners at all income levels.  Also going up are taxes on business and investors.  Without a deal marginal tax rates would have gone up for most workers. Still looming are new debates over the federal debt ceiling and discretionary spending.

Roundtable:  Michael Heaton, columnist, The Plain Dealer; Jill Miller Zimon, blogger, Writes Like She Talks; Ned Whelan, Whelan Communications.

Fiscal Cliff—the panel continues discussion about the fallout from the fiscal cliff resolution on New Year’s Day.

Browns Seek New Field Management—the new ownership team is shopping for a head coach and a general manager after the house-cleaning that followed the end of another losing season.  Team president Joe Banner is busy interviewing head coach candidates, including University of Oregon’s successful coach Chip Kelly and Ken Whisenhunt, who once lead the Arizona Cardinals to the Super Bowl.

Armed Teachers? Hundreds of Ohio teachers signed up for firearms training in the wake of the latest deadly school shooting that took 26 lives in Newtown, CT.  The gun owners’ advocacy group Buckeye Firearms Association offered free training for teachers and administrators, with the first class expected in the spring. The Association’s president says interest has exceeded expectations.

On the Way Out for Good—The Plain Dealer’s Minister of Culture, Michael Heaton, writes that many cultural icons are headed for the ash heap of history.  Among utilitarian items on their way out are wristwatches, replaced by a multitude of tools that tell time; alarm clocks, made redundant by cell phones that have built-in alarm functions and the local post office, a business model that’s quickly fading in a digital world.

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We taped this morning so my day of atonement (tonight is Kol Nidre and tomorrow is Yom Kippur) will be well underway when this broadcasts. I’ll have to wait until Sunday to see what magic the camera has in store this week. You can find details about its broadcast here (WVIZ at 8:30 tonight and 11:30am Sunday for starters; the video is usually up by the end of the week). NOTE: We did talk about #OccupyCleveland, which is not listed here.

Dimora Team Wants Trial Moved Out of Northeast Ohio

Posted Friday, October 7, 2011

Newsmaker—Jill Rizika, executive director, Towards Employment—Cleveland has joined a growing list of cities that will no longer force ex-felons to disclose their criminal past when applying for work with city government.  Mayor Jackson says it’s wrong to punish people for prior wrongs.  But the city could still bar ex-felons from holding some jobs.  It’s a significant change in Cleveland which is home to more ex-convicts than any other Ohio county.  Towards Employment is an organization that helps former convicts re-enter the workforce and was among the groups urging the Mayor to change the city’s hiring policy.

Roundtable:  Ned Whelan, Whelan Communications; Jill Miller Zimon, blogger, Writes Like She Talks; Johnathan Holifield, Co-founder, The America21 Project. Read more

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You’ll have to go here (pg 38) for the text. Or look for a copy in any local grocery store or library.

Illustration by Diana Hadley for 10/11 Cleveland Family Magazine

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I’ve been writing this series of blog posts since the beginning, in 2005, and am pleased to say that I’ve progressed (aka gotten OLDER) to the point where my husband is making the meal, we have guests bringing the salad, I only have to make the apple pie and order my kids around to do everything else – and pick up the phone to get help for our afternoon brunch celebration.  I am lucky – very lucky.  And I’m grateful to that husband and those kids who make my luck possible and more plentiful everyday.

I can’t even think about how this past year, 5771, has been – full of an incredibly wide variety of activities, highs and lows. But really? I think I am getting that affliction my parents used to say was only for older folks (aka my Nana in particular, my father’s mother): you only remember the good – because I just don’t remember that much bad. Maybe there really wasn’t that much bad – certainly compared to the challenges of many I know, there wasn’t.  But could it be that I simply don’t remember the bad so much anymore?

I’m choosing to enter 5772 with the belief that there actually is less bad. For all the distrust in government (just read that the public’s trust in Washington, DC is down to 15%), just this morning a fellow elected called me with enormous glee at the reality that we are in fact having an impact – that those of us who chose to extricate politics from governing can be heard and agreed with and set a tone, and we’re not alone.  There is a place for politics – I love politics.  But I don’t like politics when they mess negatively with governing or the public’s trust.  And that’s a big part of what we’re getting year-round, every year, because there is no such thing as an off-year.

And so I’m going to keep working so that there is less bad all around. My kids are in demanding stages – rewarding stages, but demanding stages.  My work in my writing, at Council and now at The Civic Commons continues to be incredibly rewarding. I feel I’ve earned these opportunities but I never forget that that’s what they are and I must treat them that way to keep earning them.

And so I see 5772 as an opportunity – it’s a new year, I’ll be turning 50, I’ll be married 20 years, my oldest will graduate from high school (baruch ha Shem as we say).

Seriously – I can’t be heard to complain.  Or, as Connie Schultz’ sign says, No Whining.

Totally no whining.

L’shanah Tovah and thank you to everyone who has supported me – you don’t even know.

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I do a lot of micro-blogging these days – posting tweets (@jillmz) and sharing links to articles and other information via Facebook.  Although I love this blog and blogging, I’m finding it nearly impossible to make the time it takes to post the way I like to, for purposes of a blog.

Enter Writes Like She Tumbles: In the right sidebar, you can see a widget that links to the Writes Like She Talks Tumblr account (which you can visit here if you don’t click on the widget hyperlinks).  In addition, I’ve created a page on this blog (see here; it’s also reachable from the link in the top of this blog) that displays a list of my Tumblr’d items. (That page does not appear to work on the iPad right now.)

I’ve included a Disqus mechanisim for leaving comments at Writes Like She Talks at Tumblr so that conversation about the linked items can continue to occur.

I’ve explored some WordPress themes that include post format code to allow Tumblr-like posting from within the WordPress blog, but so far, none of them really look anything like what I would want. And…I’ve really run out of time trying to find something.

So – for those who miss the days when I used to post 5-10 entries, keep an eye on, follow and strike up a conversation at the Tumblr account. Or not.

And if you’re a Tumblr with advice, leave it in the comments or email me.

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My take-down of the “50% of Americans don’t pay taxes” rhetoric should have sounded more like this. Frankly, I was surprised that either of my co-panelists would use that talking point, given how easy it is to pull apart. It’s simply not the best defense against Warren Buffett’s tax the wealthy suggestion, but maybe that’s the point – there are not any great defenses against his plan.

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You can find the video here later next week but can also see viewing info for tonight, Sunday and on the Ohio Channel. Here’s the blurb:

Kasich: Let’s Deal on SB 5

Posted Friday, August 19, 2011

Newsmaker: Mark Moran, President and Chief Executive Officer, MetroHealth System—the hospital has drawn criticism recently for severance packages offered to high ranking employees who’ve left the hospital since 2008. Most lost their jobs as the hospital restructured its management. Moran has said the severance packages were necessary to avoid potential litigation and that executive pay at MetroHealth matches the industry standard. The hospital system recently reversed a trend of annual losses and is now running in the black.

Roundtable: Kevin O’Brien, editorial writer, The Plain Dealer; Jill Miller Zimon, blogger, Writes Like She Talks; Ned Whelan, Whelan Communications.

Kasich: Let’s Make a Deal—Governor Kasich and Republican leaders say they want to negotiate a compromise with labor leaders that would end the referendum drive to repeal Senate Bill 5. Kasich says what’s sure to be a noisy campaign would do more harm than good. A representative of We Are Ohio, the referendum backers, said compromise is only possible after SB 5 is repealed.

Turnpike Lease—the Governor wants to find out if the Ohio Turnpike could be the road to riches for state government. He’s moving ahead with plans to hire a consultant to assess the value of leasing the Turnpike and then soliciting bids by 2013. Some estimates have said the deal could be worth billions.

Not-So-Naked Truth at the Airport—Cleveland’s Hopkins airport is among dozens of airports in the nation employing the next generation of body scanning passenger screening devices. Instead of an image that some passengers condemned as too revealing, the new device displays what resembles a crime scene chalk drawing with trouble spots showing up as a patch of yellow.

Buffett: Stop Coddling the Super-rich—billionaire financier Warren Buffett says it’s time the government raised taxes on people like himself. Buffett complained in a New York Times op-ed that he and his mega-rich friends are protected like spotted owls while the poor and middle class struggle to make ends meet. Said Buffett, he and his rich friends are prepared to pay higher taxes and it’s time Congress got serious about the concept of shared sacrifice.

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Yeah yeah – today is my birthday – and here’s how I feel about it – see if you figure it out from this great illustration by the always perceptive Diana Hadley:

Jill's HOW OLD!?

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The description of the show is below. You can watch tonight on WVIZ at 8:30pm or on Sunday at 11:30am.  See more options here. They usually put up the video of the entire show around the end of the week. I’ll post it when it’s available too.

Roundtable:  Bob Dyer, columnist, Akron Beacon Journal; Harry Boomer, reporter, 19 Action News; Jill Miller Zimon, blogger, Writes Like She Talks. 

Sowell Case—defense attorneys surprised the legal community this week when they chose to introduce no witnesses in the Cleveland trial of accused serial killer Anthony Sowell.  Their decision came despite billing the court $600-thousand for their expenses as court-appointed attorneys.  The defense hoped to make a favorable impression on the jury in closing arguments with the claim that police had failed to prove Sowell committed the murders.

Akron School Mom Begs for Mercy—Kelley Williams-Bolar asked the state parole board to erase a felony conviction from her record because it prevents her getting a future teaching job.  Williams-Bolar served nine days in jail for sending her children to the Copley-Fairlawn schools when the family lived in Akron.  She took elaborate steps to cover up the family’s true residency, but her attorney says she’s suffered enough.

Kasich Down in New Poll—Governor Kasich’s job approval numbers fell to a new low in a poll published this week by Quinnipiac University. 35 per cent of voters surveyed approve of the job he’s doing, down from 38 per cent two months ago.
The same poll showed a widening gap between voters who back Senate Bill 5 and the majority who would vote for its repeal.

Banning Bath Salts—Willoughby Hills joined a growing list of American cities forbidding the sale of “bath salts.” City officials say they acted to protect children who’ve been using the substance to get a cocaine-like high.  These bath salts are not to be confused with the aromatic stuff people like to use in their whirlpools.  They’re actually synthetic drugs whose popularity is recent.

A Real Skyline Drive—how about that Cleveland skyline?  Now that the monolithic Cold Storage building has been demolished, I-71 and I-90 drivers have a best-ever view of downtown Cleveland.  We’ll see before and after shots.

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I can’t say I blame them, but I also have to say that they’ve turned me toward local blogs I’ve never heard of before. Many thanks to Fresh Water Cleveland, whose managing editor is Douglas Trattner, known to locals and regionals from his many years of writing about NE Ohio.

I only came to know of Fresh Water because I saw their URL in my site traffic information, so I tracked back to it and tabbed it as something to look at this week (this crazy busy week).  Then, before I could do that, I saw it in my traffic again today – but this post, “they heart cle: a city’s biggest fans are often the bloggers,” was why! I’m really pleased to be mentioned, and I’m more pleased to read about area blogs I didn’t know about. And I also love that it is a positive look at how blogs enrich our region. Thank you, very much.

Here’s the review of WLST (after the jump): Read more

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Yesterday, I was the speaker at the Strongsville Youth Commission’s Modern-day Talk on Gender Equality. The audience ranged in age from elementary or middle school through seniors – not just in high school but as in our senior citizens. They let me talk for quite a while and then we discussed several deeper issues related to this topic. Their grasp and concern was as great as anyone would wish for. My goal was for them to leave with more questions than answers, and I do believe that was achieved, especially since, just on my way out, a few attendees were continuing to ask questions!

It was a delightful event and I’m grateful for having been asked to participate. Many thanks.

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From the February 2011 issue of Cleveland Family:

Early one December morning last year, my husband and I, our three kids, their respective computer bags and rolling carry-on luggage spiraled through airport security lines as we got closer to our Florida vacation.

As anyone who has snaked through this routine knows, there’s little to do while waiting to move forward. The options involve obsessing over what might have been forgotten or staring at everyone around you who is doing that too.

On that particular day, I chose to stare at and then start a conversation with a 30-something mother and her family of five who were in line just behind us.

We engaged in the usual chatter about where we were going, how long we would be staying and the ages of our kids. Even as I listened to her answers and responded to questions myself, I also absorbed the sight of her three kids, ages 5 and under, her husband and all their accoutrements: diaper bags, jackets, shoes, stuffed animals and toddler-sized Disney-fied tote bags. Read more

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Here’s the blurb:

Roundtable:  Jill Miller Zimon, blogger, Writes Like She Talks; Bill Livingston, sports columnist, The Plain Dealer; David Arredondo, vice-chairman, Lorain County Republican Party.

Spisak Execution—Frank Spisak, 59, was put to death Thursday morning for the racially-motivated murders of three Clevelanders in 1982.  Spisak spent 27 years on death row, longer than any other convict, and died less than a day after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to stay his execution.  He claimed hatred of blacks, Jews and gays and his neo-Nazi leanings fueled the shooting rampage. Judges rejected his claim that mental illness was the source of his hatred.

Richmond Heights Coach—high school basketball coach Jason Popp was relieved of his coaching duties this week following player and parent complaints that he used racial slurs as part of his instructions to the team.  Richmond Heights was undefeated when school officials acted to remove Popp for unprofessional conduct.  The action applied to the athletic arena but not the classroom.  For now, Popp is still employed as a teacher.

Personnel Changes—Cuyahoga County executive Ed FitzGerald fired four top officials, two of whom held elective positions made appointive by the recent charter change.  Those departing county government included coroner Frank Miller, engineer Robert Klaiber, Children Services director Deborah Forkas and director of senior and adult services Susan Axelrod.  County council this week approved the appointment of Bonnie Teeuwen as public works director. Read more

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Since many of the state and local government-related news items these days relate directly to my role as a member of Pepper Pike’s City Council, I’m posting many if not most of them at In The Arena. Only the overtly political blog post (like being angry about the new governor or something along those lines) about the same subject will show up here because I am keeping all that kind of opinion off of the council-related blog.  Here are the latest posts (and you can subscribe to the feed over at that blog, or check in on what I’m writing over there through the right-hand sidebar widget with links to In The Arena posts):

Ohio Chambers of Commerce Release Redesigning Ohio Report on State Government (WCPN broadcasts on it tomorrow)

TOMORROW (1/5), 10-11AM, WCPN: State Budgets and Public Employees

PD: “GOP in Ohio House Wants To Kill Estate Tax”

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I still cannot believe I lived through this and ran and won an election and my children and husband are still with me.  An excerpt from my latest which you can read at BlogHer, Renegades of Home Renovation: You Did WHAT While I Was Working?:

Living through home renovations is like living through lice: If you’ve never had to endure it, you really don’t know what the rest of us are talking about.  You won’t heed warnings, you won’t take precautions, you will think, “It really couldn’t be that bad — you’re just being dramatic.”

BONUS! There are photos of what we were coping with. Oh joy.  And oh boy – I will not be going through that again.

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Here’s the line up:

Newsmaker: Megan O’Bryan, executive director, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center. The Special Commission on Missing Persons and Sex Crime Investigations, of which O’Bryan was a member, completed its work this week with a 933-page report and a series of two dozen recommendations detailing how Cleveland police can better handle such cases. The Cleveland Mayor’s office set up the Commission after the Imperial Avenue serial killings brought out public complaints that police often treated crime victims with disdain.

Roundtable: Kevin O’Brien, editorial writer, The Plain Dealer; Jill Miller Zimon, blogger, “Writes Like She Talks.”

Voter Loyalty—Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is telling local boards of election that voters who want to switch parties in the upcoming primary must sign a document swearing that their change of heart is for real. They must affirm they’ll uphold the principles of their new party. Critics, some newspapers among them, say Brunner is being too harsh but her office says election law backs her stand. More than a dozen states have similar laws.

No Traction for Reform Suit in Ohio—State Attorney General Richard Cordray this week refused to join attorneys general in more than a dozen other states who’ve filed suit to challenge the constitutionality of health care reform legislation. Cordray, a Democrat, says the suit is without merit.

Neither Snow nor Sleet but Saturdays…maybe– The U.S. Postal Service is thinking about dropping Saturday mail delivery. It would be an economy move for the post office, which lost almost four billion dollars last year. The post office says mail volume dropped dramatically because of the recession and because so many Americans now rely on email.

Newsmaker II: Dr. Leanne Chrisman, family practitioner, University Hospitals. ideastream® kicks off “Fighting Fat,” a weeklong focus on the problems being caused by obesity. Dr. Chrisman discusses the physiological dangers of extreme body fat and addresses the higher medical costs that obesity-related complications can bring on. Read more

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Many thanks as always to Cleveland Family for allowing me to write for them.  I’m actually now in my seventh year of being published in their magazines.  They have been fantastic to write for and it’s been wonderful to see them grow.  Please check out their website – it has a lot of great resources.

And my February essay (and illustration!), of course.

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Just launched, tinkering continues, suggestions greatly appreciated.

In The Arena: Pepper Pike City Council Member Jill Miller Zimon

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