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UPDATE: You can watch the show here or below:

Good taping this morning amidst an insane schedule.  Who do I think I am!? A working mom (aka super being) or something? You can tune in on WVIZ/PBS on Friday at 8:30pm or Sunday at 11:30am, or the Ohio Channel on Monday at 1:30pm or 9:30pm or Tuesday at 5:30am.  The video posts toward the end of the week.

Here’s the show’s rundown:

Allegations of Dirty Parks & Dirty Pool

Posted Friday, June 22, 2012

Roundtable:  Mark Naymik, metro columnist, The Plain Dealer; Jill Miller Zimon, blogger, Writes Like She Talks; Greg Saber, Freelance Journalist

Bad Parks—Many of northeast Ohio’s lakefront parks are drowning in weeds, driftwood and trash, the victims of poor or non-existent maintenance.  A Plain Dealer report this week canvassed three parks, Edgewater, Euclid Beach and Wildwood and found them in appalling condition.  Each of these is under the umbrella of the State of Ohio which has put little money into them in recent years.

Politics on the Down-low—Republican Senate candidate Josh Mandel has touched off debate with recent criticism of incumbent Senator Sherrod Brown.  Mandel has called Brown hypocritical for portraying Republicans as anti-women when he was once accused of domestic violence.  The accusations grew out of a decades-old divorce case.  Brown’s camp called Mandel’s action ‘despicable’ while the Mandel camp says the old family dispute is legitimate political rhetoric. Read more

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From the Akron Beacon Journal

by the job

I have read that Josh Mandel, the state treasurer, is too busy in his current job to speak to the Akron Press Club, and, in effect, to his constituents. He apparently has been unable to do so all year.

This proves that his current job is too much for him, if he cannot make a little time to speak to the public.

After all, he is running against U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown for a more important job.

I’m sure that there is a simpler job Mandel might be able to handle. May I suggest dogcatcher?

Bill Brown

Cuyahoga Falls

By Jill Miller Zimon at 10:15 am December 12th, 2011 in Josh Mandel | 2 Comments 

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I ask this question because when you continue to receive invitations that state someone is a candidate for U.S. Senate, and you read quotes by the candidate himself like this:

In the last fundraising quarter, Mandel raised 40 percent more than Brown and spent hundreds of thousands less to do it. “Forget fundraising,” Mandel says to the crowd. “What’s important to me is that we’re going to go next year and beat Sherrod Brown. And by beating Sherrod Brown and running strong, we’re also going to help the eventual nominee at the top of the ticket beat Barack Obama.”

you really have to hope that the candidate’s perpetuated charade of not yet being announced will not lead the media to give earned media when the candidate finally does whatever he thinks it is he is supposed to do to make it official.

The quote is from this Weekly Standard article written by a college senior who is serving a journalism internship through this program.

Frankly, the longer Mandel keeps up the manipulative approach he is using now to string along the wonky curious, the more likely it is that the media coverage of whatever it is that he does to make his run official is likely to be anticlimactic and less than flattering.

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Today, U.S. Senator and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell named Ohio’s junior senator, Rob Portman, to the “super committee.” Earlier this week, Portman endorsed U.S. Senate Republican primary candidate and newby Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel.  So what?

Yesterday, the Plain Dealer published Mandel’s direct attack on votes in favor of raising the debt ceiling but he has yet to rebuke Portman.  Worse for Mandel now, though, is not that Portman voted for raising the debt ceiling but rather, as reported by the Columbus Dispatch yesterday, and by news outlets such as MSNBC this afternoon, Portman is absolutely being looked to and has indicated that, as a member of the super committee, he “…would not rule out additional revenue as a way to reduce the federal deficit.”

Opportunism can be really problematic for politicians, and not just when they’re being 100% transparent about just how opportunistic their ambitions and decisions are.

BONUS: Mainstream America wants taxes raised. They’ve indicated this over and over and over again – Americans who self-ID as Republicans included. As Stephen Benen writes,


This clearly isn’t what the congressional GOP had in mind. As debt-reduction talks got underway months ago, Republicans assumed they had the better hand — all they had to do, the party assumed, was say those rascally Democrats want to “raise taxes.” The public would recoil, Dems would back down, and all would be right with the world.

But it’s Democrats who are in sync with the public. Lately, it’s tough to get two-thirds of the country to agree on much, but they agree on raising taxes on the wealthy.


Read more

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I haven’t watched it yet so no opinion (it’s being broadcast on Ohio News Network or ONN).  What do I have in mind? Consider the questions asked – content and form.  Consider the answers provided – non-responsive or satisfying. And every time you see, watch or hear a candidate for political office this year, via their materials or those elicited by someone else (i.e., media or otherwise), start with those four points: content & form of the questions asked, non-responsive versus satisfactory quality of the answers given. Then decide how acceptable any of that is to you and what credence and weight you should give any of it.

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Just one morning I’d like to not see news that feels so compelling that I can’t turn it away for noting on the blog.  For sure there are days when against all pressure I don’t give in, but this is just so ill I’m not posting the video here – you can see it for yourself at Salon’s post, “Creator of offensive campaign ad won’t apologize.” Excerpt:

The creator of a deliberately offensive ad portraying a female congressional candidate as a stripper and featuring two black men holding guns and repeatedly screaming, “Give me your cash, bitch!” is refusing to apologize to critics of the spot.

“We decided we would launch with a controversial ad that would piss a lot of people off,” says Ladd Ehlinger, Jr., a conservative filmmaker who has produced unconventional political ads in the past. “If I get dinged a little, then so be it,” he adds, acknowledging that he wrote and produced the ad for his new political group, Turn Right USA.

The ad targets Los Angeles Councilwoman Janice Hahn, who is running in a special election for an open congressional seat against a tea partyer named Craig Huey.

Read more

By Jill Miller Zimon at 10:06 am June 15th, 2011 in Campaigning, conservatives, Gender, Josh Mandel, Kevin Boyce, leadership, Politics, Religion, Sexism, Social Issues, Women | 1 Comment 

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You can read it here.

In addition to the article concluding with this statement of the new Ohio Treasurer’s candidacy for the Republican nomination for the 2012 US Senate race in Ohio, “Now, she is applying her talents to help make Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel that state’s next senator,” an invitation currently making the rounds clearly and prominently states that Mandel is a candidate for the United States Senate.

Talk about getting things done by proxy. But then when an elected notices just how much work the system allows to be done by proxy, I guess it just becomes habit.

Pretty depressing for voters trying to figure out who is really making the decisions and whose agenda is up for evaluation.

By Jill Miller Zimon at 5:04 pm June 10th, 2011 in Josh Mandel, Ohio, Politics, senate | Comments Off 

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Who knew Hawaii was the place to be for an Ohio public servant to see and be seen?

From The Hawaii Reporter’s article, “Steakhouse overrun with politicians”

[Former Honolulu Mayor Mufi] Hannemann and [state Senate President Shan] Tsutsui weren’t the only politicians seeking a higher grade of steak and interesting company [at Ruth Chris Steakhouse at Restaurant Row]. Former Gov. Linda Lingle, who may be a GOP candidate for U.S. Senate in 2012, was there with a small group of supporters including House Minority Leader Gene Ward and Senate Minority Leader Sam Slom.

They gathered at Lingle’s invitation to meet 33- year-old Ohio State Treasure and U.S. Senate GOP candidate Josh Mandel. Mandel, a former U.S. Marine who completed two tours in the Middle East and served on the city council in Cleveland and in the state legislature for two terms, has been described as a “young powerhouse” on the rise by the Washington Post. His would likely take on Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, one of the most liberal members of the U.S. Senate.

Mandel met Lingle at a Las Vegas political event several months ago and she was so impressed with him, she offered to help his candidacy gain support. He was only in Hawaii briefly, picked up at the airport by Lingle in her new Nissan Leaf at around 6 p.m., escorted to the Honolulu restaurant and driven back in time to catch an 8:50 p.m. flight. [emphasis added]

I’m sure there’s plenty of good context around the event.

By Jill Miller Zimon at 5:39 pm June 2nd, 2011 in Josh Mandel, Politics, senate | Comments Off 

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This occurred to me as I was following the incredible leadership that U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D, NY) has been showing in her support of Kathy Hochul in the NY-26 congressional race. Money quote:

“Gillibrand’s support should bode well for Hochul, if Gloria Steinem’s introduction is any indication. “Like Bella Abzug and Shirley Chisholm before her, she doesn’t hold her finger to the wind,” Steinem said. “She is the wind.”

This year, Gillibrand is running to win her seat for a full six-year term, while newly elected Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel filed papers, less than three months into his latest job, to run for office for the fifth time in seven years, and for the fourth different position.

People – though not usually me – like to shove business templates over government structures.  So, what would business say about an applicant whose resumé details someone who can’t stop looking for the next job, and in fact, excels at job hunting, but has noticeably short tenures in previous positions?

I just cannot get over how incredibly, remarkably and demonstrably different the tenures of two elected officials, both seeking six-year terms in the U.S. Senate, can be over the exact same number of years in office.  (I’m not even throwing in that Gillibrand was pregnant with and gave birth to her youngest child of two during her time in the U.S. House.)


By Jill Miller Zimon at 2:10 pm May 11th, 2011 in Campaigning, Elections, Josh Mandel, leadership, Politics, senate | 2 Comments 

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UPDATE: Via Plunderbund, here’s an excellent editorial from today that chastises the Ohio House Republicans’ latest shenanigans with charters and demands that someone in elected office step up and stop it.

Original post:

And he’s not saying this in a good way, at all. And he is not fringe and he is not alone.

Read the entire article in the Dispatch today, “GOP bill reduces charter schools’ accountability.”

And then be sure to refresh your memory of how White Hat Management, the most notorious for-profit charter school operator in Ohio, received $17 million of your money for ghost students.

Oh, and before you go on, recall the editorial from the Cincy Enquirer in 2009 about how money and charters don’t mix.

On what planet in what universe do some of these people elected by Ohioans, charged with spending Ohioans’ tax dollars, LIVE ON? (And Josh Mandel – you support charters, who clearly support you – what do you have to say to this evisceration of accountability with our money, given that you are the Ohio Treasurer? Fascinating note – the news article that reported on Mandel’s appearance at Ashland Univ. where he reportedly mentions support for school choice, charters and the elimination of the estate tax is now available only in its cached form.)

This quote from the lobbyist for White Hat and its chief, David Brennan, is textbook rhetoric, obfuscation and scamming:

[Tom] Needles said the charter-school concept is to allow greater flexibility and fewer restrictions so schools can be innovative and improve student learning.

Letting the Ohio Department of Education grant permission for charter schools to open and eliminating sponsors will direct more money into the classroom and remove another layer of bureaucracy, he said.

Let’s get something straight: The layer that needs to be removed is the FOR-PROFIT layer that sends my money into David Brennan’s profit coffer that then ends up back in the millions of dollars he gives to the very elected officials who are championing his garbage legislative proposals to help him earn more profit, not direct money to classrooms. Read more

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Can’t make it up. From almost exactly two years ago to the day. And barely three months after he began his second term as a state representative for my district, Ohio 17th.

Read the entire post – to the end.  You will be shaking your head all along the way – déja vu all over again.

By Jill Miller Zimon at 10:11 pm March 22nd, 2011 in Campaigning, Elections, Government, Josh Mandel, OH17, Ohio, Politics, senate, Transparency, treasurer | Comments Off 

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The Columbus Dispatch is tweeting & blogging that “State Treasurer Josh Mandel is leaning toward a run for the U.S. Senate in 2012 and will make an announcement this spring.” The backup for that assertion is an attaboy from ORP’s Kevin DeWine on what a “great campaigner” Mandel is and what a “formidable candidate” he would be – no direct quote from Mandel or his spokespeople.

Mandel was sworn into office as Ohio’s Treasurer of State just over 10 weeks ago.

Running for office is tough – no argument from me. And if you don’t do it well (see Martha Coakley and almost Lisa Murkowski as well as Mike Castle), you stun and disappoint and lose.

But when a person who is elected to be a public servant (not to be a great campaigner or a formidable candidate) is lauded first and only in regard to his or her ability to be a candidate, rather than for any accomplishment achieved as a public servant (or for what the individual can and could and will do as a public servant to all Ohioans if elected), well, to say that a focus on being a great candidate is a red flag for someone who thinks they deserve our votes to be a U.S. Senator – and not just run to be one – is a massive understatement.

By Jill Miller Zimon at 1:49 pm March 22nd, 2011 in Campaigning, Elections, Josh Mandel, Ohio, Politics, senate | 4 Comments 

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I have heard Ohio’s new Treasurer, Josh Mandel, mention that he was going to be breaking bread with former Treasurer Kevin Boyce (he mentioned it at his swearing in). Now, in an article that is part of the Washington Post’s series called The Rising, he is quoted as saying that it has in fact happened:

Mandel has stumbled a bit in his meteoric rise. He got some rare but intense negative press during the 2010 race after airing an ad that suggested his opponent was Muslim. The Toledo Blade threatened to take back its endorsement; the Columbus Dispatch said the ad’s reference to a mosque “seems to serve no purpose other than to play on some Americans’ post-9/11 fears of Middle Eastern people and religions.” His hometown paper endorsed the libertarian candidate instead.

“I made a mistake, and I learned from it and put it behind me,” says Mandel now. “I regret running the ad, and I’ve broken bread with my opponent and we’ve both put it behind us.”

I’ve stated my eye-roll reaction to most apologies in the political realm because it’s the behavior that follows the apology that matters most.  That shouldn’t be too hard to observe once Josh launches his next campaign, whatever that may be for and whenever it occurs.

By Jill Miller Zimon at 3:50 pm March 4th, 2011 in Campaigning, Ethics, Josh Mandel, Kevin Boyce, leadership, Ohio, treasurer | Comments Off 

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Despite the very major differences I have with Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel over a number of issues, his accomplishments related to his election – in terms of money raised, votes received and the age at which he’s accomplished this, deserves to be noted as an achievement for him.

For those interested in hearing his comments as treasurer, go to about the 33 minutes mark at this Ohio Channel video.

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From the Columbus Dispatch‘s coverage of Lyndhurst native and now Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel’s swearing in:

Mandel, 33, of Lyndhurst in Cuyahoga County, who defeated incumbent Democrat Kevin L. Boyce in the November election, told a packed House chamber that a big part of his focus will be pumping up Ohio’s economy and helping to create jobs.

“A lot of my friends growing up, they’re in Georgia, they’re in Florida, they’re in Arizona. They’re in many other states. … And I want to bring them home.”

If that’s your focus, Josh, then start and lead a nonprofit geared to do that and leave the problems of the state’s treasury – including the pension fund problems and local municipalities’ poor options for decent investments of taxpayer dollars – to someone who actually wants to do that – from day one through the entire four years.  How about focusing on the people who live in Ohio now for a little while first?

Sigh. Maybe the Dispatch did a lousy job in its coverage and another “big part of his focus” will be something more germane to his actual job.  Looking forward to being shown that – by achievement especially.

By Jill Miller Zimon at 9:17 am January 11th, 2011 in Government, Josh Mandel, Ohio, Politics, treasurer | 1 Comment 

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You can read about it here.

Reads like a press release, has one name already identified by the press and two others who are:

Jennifer Day as Chief Operating Officer

J. Seth Metcalf as General Counsel and Director of Legal and Financial Affairs (Cornell University, J.D., 2004; The Ohio State University, B.A., cum laude, 2001 (Mandel graduated OSU in 2000); his bio from his prior law firm position is after the jump) Read more

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I think public servants should, well, be…public and not behind paywalls.  But here it is, “Mandel plans to use ‘bully pulpit’ of treasurer’s office to help state.”

That would be from the most current issue of Columbus Business First. What’s even more bothersome to me is that we don’t have some equivalent offering of information from the only NE Ohio statewide elected in an NE Ohio publication – first.

Between Ohio Governor-elect John Kasich’s declarations to “exploit” Ohio’s natural resources (his word, not mine) and the Treasurer-elect suggesting that the overseer of the state’s coffers is actually in line with Theodore Roosevelt’s view of elected office as being an excellent place from which to push an agenda, I’m really looking forward to 2011.

By Jill Miller Zimon at 3:04 pm December 31st, 2010 in Government, John Kasich, Josh Mandel, leadership, Ohio, Politics, Transparency, treasurer | Comments Off 

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That’s according to this article (and this follow-up piece) in the Parma Sun Post.  From the first article:

Bishilany, of Seven Hills, described his job in Columbus as to oversee daily operations of a chief operating officer and various directors comprising a staff of 141 at a salary greater than he is now being paid.

Bishilany said he was given to understand he was the first choice by Mandel, a Republican who defeated incumbent Democrat Kevin Boyce in November.

Mandel is to be sworn in Jan. 10.

He couldn’t be reached for immediate comment.

You can read more about William Bishilany here or after the jump.

Read more

By Jill Miller Zimon at 12:02 pm December 29th, 2010 in Josh Mandel, Ohio, Politics, treasurer | 1 Comment 

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From Ohio Treasurer-elect’s listening tour, via The Courier:

Officials told Mandel they want him to give counties better returns on their funds invested in the state’s investment pool. Allen County Treasurer Jim Link said the state is earning about 2 percent on $5 million Allen County has invested. Yet it has paid Allen County only 0.04 percent to 0.12 percent recently.

From that comes a Mandel promise, according to the article:

Mandel was empathetic. He said he will increase returns to local governments.

Goodness knows all local governments, Pepper Pike included, could use that increase.

The article also says that the 40 government and school leaders from Hancock and neighboring counties present pressed to stop unfunded mandates that come from Mandel’s current government entity – the state legislature: Read more

By Jill Miller Zimon at 9:48 am December 9th, 2010 in Government, Josh Mandel, Ohio, Politics, treasurer | Comments Off 

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From the Westchester Buzz:

State Treasurer-elect Josh Mandel is scheduled to stop in West Chester Tuesday, Dec. 7, for an economic forum with regional finance officials and business leaders at the Miami University Voice of America Learning Center at 6:30 p.m.

According to a press release, Mandel will be joining Butler County Treasurer Nancy Nix, among other regional treasurers, local fiscal officers and business leaders in order to share constructive ideas and gather their input and concerns. Nix, a Certified Public Accountant, is hosting the event.

I look forward to finding out when Mandel will return to his statehouse district and hear from the regional treasurers, local fiscal officers and business leaders in NE Ohio.  Publicly.

By Jill Miller Zimon at 9:07 am December 7th, 2010 in Government, Josh Mandel, Ohio, Politics, Transparency, treasurer | Comments Off 

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