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I’m out. I’m just all out. I can read more, talk more, opine more. But really — how much more is there to actually say, that hasn’t already been said, about the Republican candidates remaining in the primary battle to be the party’s nominee for the 2012 general election?

Even his three wins last night, in Wisconsin, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, have failed to seal the deal for the delegate leader, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. For more background on last night’s elections, check out the exit polls and see how moderate the voters were in those three states, especially in comparison to several already-counted primary or caucus states; watch Romney’s victory speech given in Wisconsin, and see Santorum’s “we’re still going for it speech” from Pennsylvania.

Why is this fight not over?

Read the answer at the full post here.

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Read my thoughts on that question in my post, “Why Women Voters Will Dictate Ohio’s Super Tuesday Results,” at iVillage and let them know what you think!

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Well, the idea that the perceived and polled gender gap that appeared to favor GOP presidential nominee candidate and former Massachusett’s governor, Mitt Romney, absolutely fizzled and flipped when it came to election day in South Carolina last week.

Yet now, here again, CNN is reporting that their polling shows a gender gap favoring  – wait for it – Romney again:

A gender gap appears to have developed as well. In South Carolina, Gingrich won among men and women, according to exit polls. But in Florida, although Gingrich has an edge among men, Romney had the advantage among women.

“Some of that may be due to recent coverage of Gingrich’s personal life, but it is almost certainly due to other factors as well. Gingrich’s favorable rating has consistently been higher among men than among women for years before he became a presidential candidate, suggesting that men may find his red-meat approach to issues more appealing than women do,” says [CNN Polling Director Keating] Holland.

Many people have anticipated that Florida is not South Carolina, and I share that opinion.  How different is the female electorate in the Sunshine State from the same segment in the Palmetto State?

We won’t know for sure until next Tuesday evening, after they vote.  I have my suspicions but I’m going to keep them to myself until election night.

What do you think?

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Maria is right – you probably haven’t seen clips of this townhall or read about it anywhere else, certainly not in as well-written a  description as she offers.

Go read the whole entry.  Again, just because we can engage in ways that push the envelopes of decency and legality, doesn’t mean we should.

I also think that the lesson of the Massachusett’s Democrats who thought they were outsmarting former Gov. Mitt Romney by changing the law so that he could not appoint anyone to a U.S. Senate vacancy should be a lesson to everyone who makes stands on pure personal politics, rather than on reason and what’s best for the stability of our social and political contracts.  Difference of political ideology is one thing.  Setting law that could exist in perpetuity solely to gain or maintain political advantage will come back at you in the end.

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Click on links in this table, courtesy of Buckeye State Blog to see results for yourself.

State Polls Close (EST)
Pledged Delegates
Georgia 7:00pm 87 Results
Alabama 8:00pm 52 Results
Connecticut 8:00pm 48 Results
Delaware 8:00pm 15 Results
Illinois 8:00pm 153 Results
Massachusetts 8:00pm 93 Results
Missouri 8:00pm 72 Results
New Jersey 8:00pm 107 Results
Oklahoma 8:00pm 38 Results
Tennessee 8:00pm 68 Results
Arkansas 8:30pm 35 Results
Arizona 9:00pm 56 Results
Minnesota 9:00pm Caucus 72 Results
New Mexico 9:00pm Caucus 26 Results
New York 9:00pm 232 Results
Utah 10:00pm 23 Results
California 11:00pm 370 Results
Alaska Caucus 13 Results
American Samoa Caucus 3 Results
Colorado Caucus 55 Results
Idaho Caucus 18 Results
Kansas Caucus 32 Results
North Dakota Caucus 13 Results
Democrats Abroad n/a 7 Results

Jerid recommends CNN’s Election center as well.

Listen to NPR live tonight (try here if you can’t find a link there, starting at 8pm).

Listen tomorrow morning to WCPN’s Sound of Ideas at 9am for a review/analysis.

Listen tomorrow to Dan Moulthrop co-host with others on World Have Your Say to get the world’s opinion of Super Tuesday.

Stateline has this graphic information.

From the Plain Dealer.

Very funky map from Google, Twitter and I’m not sure who else – but lots of info including results.

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I’m finding my blogging at The Moderate Voice to be a great place for national stories.  But I also realize I need to re-focus on the Ohio and local ones for WLST.  I hope to make that adjustment in the next few days.  Also, the diversity of commenters is fascinating.

Here are my most recent TMV posts (most recent first):

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Kucinich recommends Obama & Clinton great primary source reporting from the Lakewood straw poll by Anastasia Pantsios

Ohio debates next for candidates I may be on painkillers, but when I say I think I hear Wolf say debates in Feb. in Ohio?  next time, trust me

Dem Debate: making love to the real-time reaction meter this was posted on WLST too but there are comments at TMV

Maria Shriver, CA’s first lady, to withhold endorsement

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Super Tuesday and a “where are they now story”: Ned Lamont what becomes an ex-roots darling most

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China: Coping with extreme weather crisis I’m kind of shocked at how little blog exposure this story has received; with the Olympics coming up and other problems in communications, environment and human rights not improving, shouldn’t we be doing some soul-searching about what really matters?

State of the Union in 60 seconds – if you haven’t seen it, it’s very fun

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It is TIGHT. Look for yourself here.

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